Employment Services October 3, 2014

STEP has been helping employers find qualified, dependable employees for more than 30 years! We are dedicated to helping employers find qualified applicants for their job openings and will do everything we can to insure their success.

We can provide at no cost to you:

  • Skill assessment and training to meet your needs
  • Help to identify your employment needs
  • Technical assistance and training to help with employee retention and promotional opportunities.
  • On the job training through our Tried and True thrift stores, at your location, or at our resource centers.
  • Ongoing support after employment starts. We care about the success of your business as well as your employee.
  • Assistance with possible tax credits
  •  Companies that hire and accommodate people with disabilities in their workplace may receive tax benefits of the WOTC – Work Opportunity

Our staffing options include…

  • AN INDIVIDUAL HIRE – with ongoing support if needed
  • INDUSTRIAL SUBCONTRACTING at one of our plants in Wayne County. Trucking available.
  • A SELF-EMPLOYED INDIVIDUAL to provide goods or services to your business.
    Available at competitive rates.* We are responsible for the worker’s compensation insurance, payroll processing, administrative costs, and transportation.

We have helped businesses employ people for:

  • Assembly
  • Child Care
  • Collating
  • Customer Service
  • Flyer Delivery
  • Food Service
  • Pet Care
  • General Labor
  • Recycling
  • Office Work
  • Inspection
  • Retail
  • Shredding
  • Sorting
  • Inspection
  • Laundry
  • Environmental*

*We are a contractor with the State of Michigan


CARF International has accredited the following programs at Services To Enhance Potential through April 2018.


Services To Enhance Potential is funded in part by the

Wayne County Managed Care Networks

We offer services to persons living in Wayne County through the Managed Care Networks. We are a contract agency for ConsumerLink, Community Living Services, Synergy, Gateway, and CareLink.