Mobility Training September 4, 2014

mobility1Mobility training is a practical and effective way to learn to get around, especially to and from your job. We will prepare you to travel to and from your destinations in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

The type of transportation will be specific to your ability and circumstances and may include line haul, DDOT, SMART, small bus/curb to curb, or other means, such as walking and bicycling.

Services will be customized to your learning style and may include:

  • Assessment of travel skills
  • Determining the most efficient route
  • Development of a travel plan
  • Obtain and use of bus card and tickets


Practical on-the-street training that will mobility3address…

  • Time and distance relationships
  • Self-identifying information
  • Landmarks, colors, functional signs
  • Numbers, money, telephone, schedules/maps
  • Appropriate dress
  • Personal safety, dealing with strangers, soliciting aid, problem solving
  • Bus identification and procedures



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