Skills Training September 4, 2014

skills1Skills training will provide you with many opportunities to learn right in your community, especially when preparing for employment. We offer many, exciting volunteer opportunities and keep adding more to meet your interests. We will help you learn what to do, how to dress, how to be safe, and more.

Most importantly, we want you to become job ready and know how to keep your job once you have started working. Mobility training and job coaching are other kinds of training available to you once you get your job.



CARF International has accredited the following programs at Services To Enhance Potential through April 2018.


Services To Enhance Potential is funded in part by the

Wayne County Managed Care Networks

We offer services to persons living in Wayne County through the Managed Care Networks. We are a contract agency for ConsumerLink, Community Living Services, Synergy, Gateway, and CareLink.