Bank of Ann Arbor- Chairperson

Ypsilanti District President,

Bank of Ann Arbor

Jeffrey McKelvey comes from a family of bankers and business owners in the city of Detroit. He is the Great Grandson of the owners of Michigan Butter and Egg, a poultry and dairy distributor located in Detroit in the mid 1900s.

He has been married for eleven years and is a father of five girls, two of which sadly passed away as infants. He loves children and plays a major role in the lives of his nieces and nephews.

Jeffrey came to Bank of Ann Arbor in 2016 from JPMorgan Chase, where he spent nine years in the small business and later commercial lending market in Detroit. He participates as a leader in the redevelopment of the City of Detroit, where he works with CEOs and business / community leaders to plan and help champion the economic development in the city. He is also a community leader in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where the future of mobility and the growing economic climate in Washtenaw County are becoming a catalyst for regional development.

He is Chair of the Executive Leadership Team for Washtenaw County March for Babies, A member of the Michigan Board of Directors for March of Dimes, A board Trustee of Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts in Detroit, Michigan, Vice Chair of the board for Services to Enhance Potential, Board Treasurer of Growing Hope in Ypsilanti, and the first member of the Detroit Athletic Club in his family.

Jeffrey has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Management from Eastern Michigan University, a Graduate Certificate in Finance, also from Eastern Michigan University, and is currently finalizing a Master of Business Administration in Finance at Eastern Michigan University. He is a proud supporter of the Cities of Detroit and Ypsilanti, Michigan as well as an advocate for community need in Washtenaw County. Championing economic development in these areas continues to be a sincere passion of his.

Jeffrey is also a professional trumpet player and has studied with George Benson, Joe Magnarelli of the Harry Connick Jr. Big Band, and Patrick Hession, lead player of the late Maynard Ferguson’s big band. He has held principal positions in the bands of Interlochen Center for the Arts and is an avid supporter of the arts community and arts in education.