Progressive Art Studio Collective (PASC), is an art and design studio, and gallery program, dedicated to supporting adults with disabilities to advance individual career paths in the art and design fields. This new program brings focus to the artistic talent, expression and life experiences of disabled adults, while making a considerable change in the quality of our consumers’ lives. PASC is the first progressive art studio in Detroit and Wayne County, and joins an international network of successful peer progressive art studios.

PASC uses a “progressive art studio” model, used by many disability programs across the United States. This model puts participants in control by encouraging them to guide their own experiences and education in the arts. Through in-person and online studios participants are supported by a staff of professional artists, and provided professional art materials to create artwork. Through exhibitions and commissions in our in-person and online galleries participants will showcase their artwork and earn an income from sales.

There are no out of pocket costs for the program for those covered by Medicaid, and scholarships are available to cover those not on Medicaid.

We are launching three in-person studios and a virtual art studio program, to support participants.

  • Detroit Studio, opening January 2021, STEP Detroit Resource Center
  • Westland Studio, opening February 2021, STEP Western Wayne Resource Center
  • Southgate Studio, opening April 2021, next to future Southgate STEP Thrift Store
  • Virtual Art Studio Program, opening in January

Our in-person art studios will be open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:30pm. Participants can choose to attend for a full or half day, as many days a week as they wish. At least two days a week is recommended.

The PASC Virtual Art Studio Program is a series of online art workshops open to participants who cannot physically access our in-person studio. It offers a rich menu of online workshops presented over Zoom open to all participants. For more information about the PASC Virtual Art Studio Program see the frequently asked questions below.

For more information contact us at:, or 313-267-9777 x 3221

Progressive Art Studio Collective: Frequently Asked Questions

Download FAQ here

How do I register for the PASC studio program?

Start by contacting us via phone at 313-267-9777 x 3221 or email Our staff member will gather some information from you, find out which program you are interested in, in-person studio or virtual art studio, and schedule a tour.

For the in-person studio program tours will be done virtually until pandemic restrictions are lifted. For the in-person studio we will invite you to attend two free trial days at the studio. These trial days will give you a sense of a day’s structure, allow you to meet other artists, work with staff, and understand the full experience of creating art in our studio. At the end of the second trial day staff at PASC will sit down with you, and a family member or guardian if needed, to discuss your experience.

For the virtual program a PASC a staff member will contact you to set up a Zoom meeting. After this meeting we will arrange for a trial day by having you sit in on one or two virtual art studios currently in session. After these trial sessions a PASC staff member will have a follow up conversation with you to access your experience.

If both you and PASC staff agree that either the in-person and/or virtual studios are a good fit for us to work together, we will have a support’s coordinator from STEP contact you to start the process of getting you started as an artist at PASC.


Is PASC open to individuals not currently participating with STEP?

Yes, but there are several things you will need to do before becoming a participant in the program. See above for more details.


Can I visit the program before I register to attend the PASC studio?

Yes, in fact before you become a participant in the PASC program, it is a requirement that you tour the program you will be attending, the in-person and virtual programs, and participate in two free trial days. See above for more details.


What is the Virtual Studio program?

The PASC Virtual Studio Program is a series of online art workshops open to participants who cannot physically access our in-person studio. It offers a rich menu of online workshops presented over Zoom. The goal of the virtual program is to simulate the experience of a progressive art studio through a virtual platform. Through these workshops participants learn new art techniques and skills and produce original artworks in a fun social atmosphere. No prior art experience is necessary to attend.

All participants will be provided a packet of art supplies to be used during each workshop. All participants will be required to have technology and internet to participate in these online Zoom courses. If you do not have technology please let us know and we will arrange a technology and internet hotspot loan.

We will post a list of classes each week prior. Classes will change weekly. Each class will run about an hour of guided content followed by a second optional hour of independent work, where participants can finish their workshop project or work on any project of their choosing. Each workshop is repeated 2-3 times per week but each class will be slightly different to accommodate repeated attendance. Participants can attend a workshop as many times during the week as they wish. Two PASC staff members will be on Zoom during all program hours to lead workshops, provide support and facilitate discussion with artists.


Where are the PASC studios located

The first art studio will open in January in the STEP Detroit Resource Center, 4700 Beaufait St, Detroit, MI 48207. Our second studio will open in the STEP Western Wayne Resource Center in February, 450 S Venoy Rd, Westland, MI 48186. And we plan to open a third studio in April or May of 2021 in Southgate.

Our future plans are to open a dedicated studio and gallery space in Detroit in the summer of 2021. News on this future location will be shared broadly.


Can I do both the in-person and virtual studio programs?



Does PASC accept Medicaid?

Yes, for participants who live in Wayne County and qualify for Medicaid. If you live outside of Wayne County contact us to discuss Medicaid or other payment options.


Can I participate in the program if I am not on Medicaid?

Yes, we accept private pay options.

Base costs are $72 per day for private pay participants. For every private pay participant, PASC will seek scholarships to halve costs or entirely cover them if possible. This is subject to change if needed.


Do you require a portfolio review, and I need to have prior art experience to be admitted into the program

No, a portfolio is not required. Anyone who is interested in participating in the program can attend. No prior art experience is necessary.


Can participants under the age of 18 participate in the PASC programs?

PASC is a program for adults 18 years of age or older. We plan to launch a teen program in the summer 2021 for ages 16 and up.

Please email us to let us know if you would like to be notified when applications for this program are available.


Do I need to bring my own materials to the studio

No, PASC provides all the materials for you to create artwork


How long can I participate in the studio?

An artist can participate for as long as they want in the studio program.


Does an artist get paid when participating?

Artists do not get paid to participate. However, artists will have an opportunity to exhibit their artwork, design and products in the PASC Galleries. PASC will market and communicate your work to the public to help increase sales and commissions. If any artworks, design or products by the Artist are sold by PASC, 60% of the revenue will be paid to the Artist, after the costs of framing, preparation, or other expenses have been subtracted from the sales price


Can I show my artwork at the PASC gallery if I am not a participating artist?

Not unless invited by us. Our primary focus is on the artists within the PASC program. We may at times exhibit the artwork of artists from other progressive art studios, or other contemporary artists in Detroit, alongside our own artists.


Does PASC provide transportation? What if I live outside of Wayne County?

Yes, PASC provides transportation through STEP. A STEP supports coordinator will discuss transport options with you when you register.

If you live outside Wayne County, please contact us to determine transportation options.


Does PASC take donations of art supplies?
Yes, we happily take donations. You can donate to our program in several ways. We accept monetary donations. We also accept material donations, everything from yarn, to beads to lightly used art supplies. Please email a description and an image of what you would like to donate to Additionally, you can purchase something for our studio via our wish lists at Blick and Amazon.

At PASC we use person-first language (artist with disabilities) and identity-first language (disabled artist). Both are common in disability culture, and although there is much debate about which language is the most equitable and inclusive, and which is the most ableist, we are using both to indicate how language around disabilities is ultimately dependent on the disabled individual’s preference. And whenever possible we will simply use ‘artist’ to refer to participants in our program.