Culinary Arts Program

Opened in 2012 and originally located in the heart of Detroit’s Eastern Market District, STEP’s Culinary Arts Program has now moved to two different locations: ‘What’s Cooking in Westland’ is located at the Western Wayne Resource Center and ‘What’s Cooking in the D’ is located at a commercial kitchen in Detroit.

STEP’s Culinary Arts Programs help prepare participants for careers in the food services industry by learning food safety, customer service, and preparing delicious dishes. These cooking classes allow individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or mental health needs to explore the art of cooking in a community-based setting. To provide an authentic learning environment, meals are prepared with the assistance of our skilled instructors. Our talented participants prepare delicious and gourmet appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts. Individuals participate in the program to learn culinary skills and healthy eating habits. These skills often lead to employment in the culinary field or help empower participants to achieve an independent lifestyle. Our culinary arts classes allow STEP consumers to pursue their passions of food preparation, advance in their abilities, and achieve their chosen goal.

Progressive Art Studio Collective (PASC)

PASC Video

Progressive Art Studio Collective (PASC) is an art and design studio, and gallery program of Services To Enhance Potential (STEP), located in Detroit, Southgate, Westland, and virtually.PASC is dedicated to supporting adults with developmental disabilities and mental health concerns to advance individual career paths in the art and design fields. Founded in 2021, PASC is the first progressive art studio in Wayne County, Michigan, bringing focus to the artistic talent, expression, and life experiences of disabled adults, making a considerable change in their lives. Using a “progressive art studio” model, PASC participants are provided with opportunities to exhibit and sell their artwork in professional exhibitions and online galleries. Contact 734.718.0483 or visit for more information


Dream is a community activity and volunteer program for developmentally disabled adults. The object of the program is to give individuals the opportunity to not only access their community, but to become involved. Each individual has the opportunity to choose what they wish to experience on a daily basis. This can range from community inclusion to volunteering and investigating the types of employment in their community. Participants are not only encouraged to do activities in their community, but to engage the public at large.

The Dream program promotes life and social skills through various community activities such as bowling, Wally Ball, exploring local parks, fit club, library access and special events. Dream volunteers can also be found at Gleaners Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, local churches and animal rescues.

Volunteer Sites

STEP is involved in bringing clients to a number of volunteer sites for activities meant to better their community as a whole. These places vary from The Light House Mission, Wayne Public Library, Meals on Wheels, St. Vincent de Paul, Belleville Library, Focus Hope, and more. The tasks performed in each of these places can vary, but it is always with the goal of creating a personal connection between people and the communities that they live and work in.