Services To Enhance Potential, as a CARF International accredited service provider with the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, partners with  other service providers throughout Macomb and Wayne Counties to provide needed Community Mental Health Services to the most vulnerable population. Service providers throughout Macomb and Wayne Counties rely on the exceptional services we provide. Our Support Coordinators work closely with partners to assure services are provided timely and opportunities are developed. Our community based and vocational skill building services provide many opportunities for consumers.

Support Coordination

Services To Enhance Potential’s dedicated and experienced Support Coordinators help promote the independence of each individual by assisting with a variety of services including but not limited to, housing services, benefit planning, case management, and health services. The relationships built with each consumer and their parents, guardians and/or caregivers have brought about a number of impressive outcomes for the consumers served. Year after year, STEP consumers are surveyed on the level of care provided. Our Support Coordinators continuously receive scores above 95% in satisfaction.

Community Based Skill Building

Community Skill Trainers help design and promote community-based opportunities for individuals with a disability and/or a mental illness. Activities designed to promote Community Inclusion include social, recreational, and volunteer based opportunities.

Vocational Based Skill Building

Our Vocational Based Skill Building Program is designed to assist an individual with a developmental disability or mental illness with gaining valuable workplace skills. These services are provided within one of our four Resource Centers. We have Resource Centers in Detroit, Dearborn, and Western Wayne County. A variety of classroom trainings are also provided at a few of our community-based programs including our Thrift Stores.

Virtual Based Skill Building

At the onset of COVID-19 in March of 2020, STEP created a Virtual Skill Building Program in order to provide the same quality services to our consumers who cannot access our Resource Centers for face- to-face services. Initially, our mission was to reach our consumers through Telehealth in the midst of the pandemic; however, even after resuming face-to-face services, Virtual Skill Building and Telehealth are still proving to be vital in meeting the needs of our consumers.

Examples of virtual classes offered are American Sign Language, Spanish, cooking demos, why work, mock interviews, arts and crafts, Sittercise, computer basics, job readiness, and many more. Virtual Skill Building is certainly an important part of what we do and how we are reaching out to our consumers.

Supported Employment

Our Business and Employment Representatives are tasked with working with business partners in the community to help develop work opportunities for individuals with a developmental disability and/or mental illness. Informational classes are conducted routinely at Resource Centers and throughout the community to help promote interest in working in the community. Our representatives develop consumer focused vocational work plans to help consumers succeed in the employment setting. Job coaches are often utilized and help promote a positive working relationship with STEP Staff, the employee, and the employer. Work readiness and skill specific training opportunities are provided to consumers prior to and during employment to assure long lasting employment.

Senior Services

Meals on Wheels, St. Vincent de Paul, Belleville Library, Focus Hope, and more. The tasks performed in each of these places can vary, but it is always with the goal of creating a personal connection between people and the communities that they live and work in.