Services To Enhance Potential partners with a number of public school districts to assist students and families transitioning from the school system. Our team of Employment and Business Representatives and Support Coordinators can help lessen the anxiety during this critical time. The employment representatives can help identify community based and/or vocational based programming. Support Coordinators can begin to work with the student prior to graduation or completion to help prepare the student and their family for post-school life. They can assist with the linking and coordinating of Community Mental Health Services, Benefit Planning, Housing Assistance, and other needed services.

Project SEARCH

Our Project SEARCH Program permits students currently enrolled in a public school an opportunity to spend their last year of high school in a blended classroom and worksite environment. This blended services permits the student to graduate with one full class year of worksite experience in a field that is of interest to them. Our current program includes a partnership with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan,
DTE, and Henry Ford College, with a few more under development. These host sites permit a student to experience a variety of work experiences during the student’s final year of education. With a job placement rate of over 80%,
the program can be quite beneficial for its participants.

School Transition & School to Work Services

Through our Transitions Services, our team of specialists assist the student in choices post-school. Our Support Coordinators and  Employment Representatives can work individually or as a team to help the transition. Our Employment Representative can help identify employment training and placement opportunities to fit the desires of student. Support Coordinators can work with the transition support
staff from the School and the student’s parents to help link the student with Community Mental Health Services, Benefit Planning,
Housing Assistance and other needed services.

Community & Vocational Based Skill Building

Eligible Students can transition to a program designed to help integrate the student into the community where they live. Our Community Skill Trainers help design and promote community based opportunities for individuals with a disability and/or a mental illness including social, recreational, and volunteer based opportunities. Understanding that some students may desire services that include Community and Vocational Based services, our team can design a program that could include both services. We have Resource Centers in Detroit (2), Dearborn (2), Livonia and Wayne. A variety of classroom trainings are also provided at a few of our community based programs including our Thrift Stores and our Made in the Market program. Work experiences can be provided at one of our Workplace to Success Intern Sites, one
of our Thrift Stores or on one of our Environmental Work Crews.