Become a volunteer in our offices, community, or in an administrative capacity. Play a role in helping people successfully achieve by encouraging them through your words and actions. Let us know what skills you have and what you would be interested in doing.

  • Provide employment opportunities at your place of business.
  • Mentor an individual in self-employment/micro enterprise.
  • Link Services To Enhance Potential to employment and community integration opportunities.
  • Volunteer to help on community outings.
  • Provide volunteer clerical services.
  • Volunteer to help in lunch rooms and with bus duty.
  • Provide handyman services.
  • Support our mission as a member of the Board of Directors. Your help through responsible participation in constructive action and problem solving support the organization at the highest level.


CARF International has accredited the following programs at Services To Enhance Potential through April 2018.


Services To Enhance Potential is funded in part by the

Wayne County Managed Care Networks

We offer services to persons living in Wayne County through the Managed Care Networks. We are a contract agency for ConsumerLink, Community Living Services, Synergy, Gateway, and CareLink.


Services to Individuals & Families